Need health advice this bank holiday weekend?

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Alert for caterpillar pest in oak trees

People in southern parts of Hertfordshire are being alerted to look out for and report caterpillars of the oak processionary moth (OPM), which could be damaging oak trees in the area and because their hairs can cause itching skin rashes and other health problems.

Need health advice this bank holiday weekend?

With the bank holiday fast approaching, it’s important to remember that some NHS services will close on the evening of Friday 27 May, and will not re-open until Tuesday 31 May.

Feeling exam pressure? Free online support now in Hertfordshire

As we enter exam season, young people in Hertfordshire who are feeling overwhelmed can get free online counselling and support at Kooth.com.

Better care for care home residents

For more than 3,000 people in east and north Hertfordshire, ‘home’ is one of 92 care homes. Our ‘vanguard’ project aims to provide planned, proactive and preventative support in the community for frail, elderly care home residents and those with multiple, complex and long-term conditions.  

Patient Feedback

East and North Hertfordshire CCG buys health services from a number of providers in the local area. Your experience provides the NHS with valuable information that helps to improve services.