Leaflet and poster library

Leaflet and poster library


Constipation is a common problem. It means either going to the toilet less often than usual to empty the bowels, or passing hard or painful poo.

Diarrhoea is loose or watery poo. It is usually nothing to worry about. A common reason for diarrhoea is infection of the gut (gastroenteritis).

It is always important to use the right NHS service for your symptoms.  

If you use emergency services such as A&E or the ambulance service when you don’t really need them, you won’t get the best treatment for your illness. You could also delay urgent help for others who are more seriously ill or injured. 

Hay fever is caused by an allergy to pollen. It can affect people from March to October. The symptoms of hay fever - runny, itchy and/or blocked nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes - are caused by your immune system reacting to the pollen.

Moisturisers (your doctor or pharmacist may refer to them as emollients) are lotions, creams, ointments and bath/shower additives which ‘oil’ the skin to keep it supple and moist.

Everyone who has pain should consider taking painkillers. There are several kinds of painkiller and different types work best for different types of pain.

A sprain is an injury to a ligament and are usually caused by them being stretched during a sudden pull and the most common are to ankles. A strain usually means a stretching or tearing of muscle fibres.