Policy and procedures

Policies and procedures

Clinical Procurement Strategy for Commissioning Services (Including Policy) v.1.1
Approved: September 2017
Review date: September 2018

Surgical referral pathway for adult patients v.--


Detailed Financial Policies v.3.0
Approved: July 2015
Review date: July 2017

Prime Financial Policies v.3.0
Approved: July 2015
Review date: July 2017

Waiving Formal Tendering Procedures (Waiver) v.--

CCG Detailed Financial Policies state that formal tendering procedures may be waived in agreement with the Chief Executive or Chief Finance Officer


Anti Fraud and Bribery Policy v.3.3

This document sets out the NHS East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group's (the CCG) policy and advice to employees in dealing with fraud or suspected fraud and bribery. This policy details the arrangements made in the CCG for such concerns to be raised by employees or members of the public.

Approved: April 2016
Review date: April 2018

Claims Policy v.1.0

This policy details the arrangements to be followed in the event of a claim against the CCG, these arrangements follow the guidelines of the NHS Litigation Authority and Civil Law Procedure Rules.

Approved: September 2014
Review date: September 2016

Dispute Resolution Procedure v.2.2
Approved: March 2015
Review date: March 2017

Joint Committee to make decisions on behalf of East and North Herts & Herts Valleys CCG: Terms of Reference v.--

There is provision in legislation for the formation of a joint committee across two or more CCGs to undertake commissioning functions on behalf of those CCGs.  Given that East and North Herts and Herts Valleys CCGs have jointly undertaken the “Healthier Future Let’s Talk” consultation, it is logical that the two CCGs hear the outcomes of that consultation and jointly make decisions on the proposals in order to drive a consistent approach across Hertfordshire.  

Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy v.7.1
Approved: November 2016
Review date: November 2017

Scheme of Reservation and Delegation v.1.0
Approved: August 2013
Review date: August 2014

Standards of Business Conduct Policy v.4.1
Approved: November 2016
Review date: November 2017

Health and Safety

Display screen equipment (DSE) User Self-Assessment Form v.--

Part of the Health and Safety Policy

Approved: April 2015

Electronic Cigarettes: Reported Fires and Explosions Guidance for Staff v.--

Health & Safety Alert - Electronic Cigarettes: Reported Fires and Explosions Guidance for Staff

E&NHCCG have been advised by NHS Property Services (NHSPS) as lease holders for Charter and Fountain House, Welwyn Garden City that in accordance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2015 to demonstrate compliance in relation to taking measures to reduce fire risk in NHSPS premises, that E-Cigarette devices and chargers are prohibited from their premises.

There have been a number of fires nationally where the probable cause of the fire has been attributed to the charging of an E-Cigarette device. NHSPS have taken the decision to prohibit the use and charging of such devices in premises owned and occupied by NHSPS, therefore all NHSPS staff and occupiers of NHSPS premises have been informed of this policy decision due to the fire risks involved with these devices.

Health and Safety Policy v.3
Approved: July 2017
Review date: July 2018

Incident Reporting and Investigation Form v.--

Part of the Health and Safety Policy

Approved: April 2015

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan v.--

It should be completed as outlined within the Fire Evacuation Procedure which can be accessed by logging in to the CCG intranet.

Human Resources

Agency and Interim Use policy v.1
Policy Number: HR01

NHS Bedfordshire, NHS East and North Hertfordshire, NHS Herts Valleys, and NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Groups, recognises that the use of temporary workers may be required to cover vacancies, projects or other urgent needs in order to sustain high standards of performance, or to provide skills not readily available from within the CCG’s workforce. However, it is the CCG’s position that temporary workers should not be used as a long term solution.

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019

Agile Working Policy v.1
Policy Number: HR02

Agile working is the term used to describe how employees can work flexibly from any location; this could include CCG headquarters or other NHS locations, offices of Partners, Stakeholders or Shared Service providers, at home on occasion, or in any combination of these.

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019

Alcohol, Drug and Substance Misuse Policy v.1
Policy Number: HR03

This policy outlines the processes in place for staff affected by alcohol and substance misuse. It outlines the support that is available for employees who are affected by such issues

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019

Annual Leave Policy v.1
Policy Number: HR04

The aim of this policy is to ensure a uniform and equitable approach to the calculation of annual leave and general public holiday entitlement which takes into account the arrangements as defined under NHS Terms and Conditions.  An annual leave calulator for new and part-time staff is available here.

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019

Appraisal and Performance Review policy v.1
Policy Number: HR05

This policy is designed to provide a framework across the CCG for a well-planned and effective staff appraisal system.  The latest form can be fiound in HR Forms

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019

Apprenticeship Policy v.1
Policy Number: HR06

This policy has been developed in response to apprenticeship reforms and will support an increase in the quality and quantity of apprenticeships within the CCG. The policy sets out the procedure that the CCG should follow when recruiting into a new apprenticeship role or converting an existing role into an apprenticeship.

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019

Attendance Management and Wellbeing policy v.1
Policy Number: HR07

The CCG recognises the importance of having a robust policy that encourages and facilitates employees to return to work following a period of sickness and to manage and support staff who have underlying health conditions.

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019

Bullying and Harassment Policy v.1
Policy Number: HR08

The CCG aims to provide a happy and fulfilling work environment. This policy promotes the respectful treatment of all employees the protection of employees from bullying and harassment at work. 

Approved: June 2017
Review date: June 2019