Policy and procedures

Policies and procedures


Commissioning Prioritisation and Quality Impact Assessment Policy v.1.6
Approved: March 2017
Review date: March 2019

Individual Funding Requests (IFR) Policy v.2.1
Approved: September 2016
Review date: September 2018

IVF - Fertility treatment and referral criteria for tertiary level assisted conception v.2.0
Approved: December 2017
Review date: December 2019

Policy for the Commissioning of Over-the-Counter Medicines For short-term and intermittent illnesses v.1.0

If you wish to contact East and North Hertfordshire CCG about anything contained is this policy please contact the Nursing and Quality team.

Approved: December 2017
Review date: December 2019

Provision of gluten-free food in East and North Hertfordshire v.2.0

Effective from 15 January 2018

Approved: December 2017
Review date: January 2020

Vasectomy and Female Sterilisation Services v.--
Approved: March 2017

Vasectomy Policy Statement v.--
Approved: January 2018
Review date: December 2020