About us

About us

East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the organisation responsible for commissioning (planning, designing and paying for) your NHS services. The CCG is made up of local GPs and health professionals, working together with other clinicians and patients, to decide how the local NHS budget of £724m should be spent.

The CCG serves about 600,000 people registered at 57 GP Practices across east and north Hertfordshire. Our GPs understand the health needs of their patients, and we believe this local approach to commissioning helps ensure good quality services that meet the needs of the population.

The CCG’s mission is:

To reduce health inequality and achieve a stable and sustainable health economy by working together, sharing best practice and improving expertise and clinical outcomes.

To work with patients, manager and clinical colleagues from all sectors to commission the best possible healthcare for our patients within available resources.

Ares covered by East and North Hertfordshire CCG

Find out more about your locality group, the lead GPs and the health priorities in your area here.

Here are some of the organisations we commission health services from:

Some other sites you might find useful

The health and care system from April 2013

The system that the government’s reforms created in April 2013 can be quite complicated and difficult to understand. And it isn’t always easy to see how all the new bits of the system fit together. The following animation produced by the King’s Fund gives a useful summary of the system and you can see how CCGs fit into this, as does this infographic from NHS Employers, 'The new NHS in 2013 - What it means for you'.

NHS England has a also produced 'Understanding the new NHS' which outlines the organisations and systems that define, sustain and regulate the NHS.   The new version of this guide, originally produced for junior doctors, incorporates changes to the structure and function of the NHS.  It provides an understandable and informative guide to the new NHS.

Our plan on a page
This diagram summarises our priorities and aims for the next five years. We call it our 'plan on a page'.

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18 Oct 2018