Accessible Information Standard

Accessible Information Standard

Since 2016, all organisations providing NHS care are legally required to follow the Accessible Information Standard.

It sets out a specific, consistent approach to identifying, recording, flagging, sharing and meeting the information and communication support needs of patients, service users, carers and parents with a disability, impairment or sensory loss.

You can download a summary of the Standard by clicking here and there are a range of resources and background information on the NHS England website which can be found by clicking here.

Applying the Standard in east and north Hertfordshire

As a CCG we have supported service providers in implementing the standard. You can find out how our inidividual oganisations have applied the standard using the links below:

Service providers where we are not the lead commissioner:

The Accessible Information Standard in primary care

The GP practices in primary care are also required to meet the Accessible Information Standard, and should be following the principles for identifying and recording communications needs for their patients. 

Practices implementing the standard can utilise a Toolkit which has been developed by an organisation called 'Straight Talkers' and can be downloaded by clicking here. A good example of best practice in our area is Potterells Medical Centre in Welwyn and Hatfield. Please click here to download the practice's accessible information standard policy.

Accessible information from the CCG

While the CCG is not a patient-facing organisation, we do produce information and communications targeted towards the public, so we are committed to ensuring the information is available in a wide range of formats which can be received and understood by the population of east and north Hertfordshire. Please click here to read more information on how we ensure that our work is accessible to all.

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30 Aug 2019