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False teeth found in patient's throat a week after op

The patient thought he had lost his dentures during a hospital stay for routine abdominal surgery.
4 days 12 hours ago

Smart sensors listen to healing wounds

Researchers are developing a new technique that can hear what is going on below a patient's bandages.
5 days 23 hours ago

Inside the village that caters for its ageing population

Pescueza in Extremadura, western Spain, is adapting to provide for the needs of its older population.
5 days 11 min ago

Chlamydia sex infection vaccine passes safety test

The first human trial of a jab to tackle the sexually transmitted disease shows promise, say experts.
5 days 36 min ago

Ebola drugs show ‘90% survival rate’ in breakthrough trial

Scientists say the breakthrough trial suggests the disease may soon be “preventable and treatable”.
4 days 19 hours ago