Cancel Out Cancer

Cancel Out Cancer

Improving the understanding people have of cancer and encouraging everyone to take action to improve their health or help others to do the same is the big aim behind our Cancel Out Cancer campaign, developed with our patient members and supported by Cancer Research UK.

The information is normally shared through free face-to-face andinteractive presentations which we've had to stop due to COVID-19 - but thanks to the hard work and support of our volunteers, we're bringing Cancel Out Cancer sessions to the virtual world.

The volunteer group which run the presentations worked out a way of transferring their knowledge and skills to present the campaign's information session online. In the past few months they have been producing new material and testing the presentation to make it as online-friendly as possible.

We now offer these 60-minute sessions to community groups, organisations and individuals who would like their family and friends to learn more about cancer screening, symptoms and prevention. These are the initial sessions, so we will be taking on board all of your feedback to make any changes and help the online presentations develop effectively.

All you need to do is email with:

  • the date(s) and times you would like a session
  • the platform you would prefer to use (our default offer is Zoom, but we can also run the session on MS Teams)
  • whether anyone in, or all of, the group have accessiblity needs e.g. auditory, visual, language.

Once you're paired with one of our volunteers, they will send you the meeting link via secure email, and explain how they will run the presentation. Participants are also asked to complete a very short survey both before and after the session so that we can quality assure the presentations.

Want to know more at this stage? You can download our information leaflet, but we encourage people to take part in interactive Cancel Out Cancer sessions so we can:

  • promote cancer prevention - to reduce the risks and help people be proactive with their health 
  • raise awareness of cancer screening - the earlier cancer is detected, the more effectively it can be treated
  • make people aware of the warning signs and symptoms of cancer.


Organisations our volunteers have visited and run sessions

Here's what they had to say about their session

Luke Donovan, Chair of Irish Network Stevenage, said: "Cancer can be a difficult subject to discuss as it has touched all of our lives in some way, but Mandy and Rosie made the training session informative, we all feel that we can have more open discussions with our members about the importance of them being vigilant about their own care."

Elaine Precious, Waterside Centre, Kings Langley, said: "I think it was very useful for our service users to hear these kind of messages from people outside our organisation, they seem to take more notice. Given the range of people who we cater for, there will be some who didn’t get the message, but there will also be some who did. I like the way the ladies brought in real objects, rather than just using words, it makes it much more real for our service users. I think it was pitched at the right level too, so as not to alarm, but to be forewarned."

Sarah Ellingworth, Garden City Practice, Welwyn Garden City, said: “We were delighted to host this proactive event for the benefit of our patients. We all know that cancer affects one out of two of us and anything that helps improve awareness has got to be a good thing.”

"The talk was very informative, well delivered and we received good feedback. I look forward to being able to arrange these at some other locations."

Some of our guests said:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect today, I am so glad I came because I really enjoyed it."

"It was a very informative session, wonderfully presented."

"I particularly found the last exercise very useful and found out information I didn't know!"

"The whole session was very informative and I learnt a lot!"

"It was an excellent and informative talk and I'm glad I heard it."

"It was excellent and very well presented."

"There was lots of info not aware of before."

    Play your part and Cancel Out Cancer

    Inspired to do more? You can learn how to deliver a Cancel Out Cancer session. No previous experience is required - the team provides you with a training session and you're given the tools and materials to take the awareness sessions out into the community (online for now!).

    Meet Rosie and Mandy, two of our Cancel Out Cancer volunteers.

    Don't leave it any longer to find out more about Cancel Out Cancer, or to volunteer to deliver sessions to your community - call 01707 685 397 or email

    Do you use social media?

    We launched the campaign in 2019 via facebook Live on World Cancer Day - Check it out.




    Happening elsewhere...

    Bowel Cancer UK has launched a symptoms diary for people who are worried about their bowel habits - an idea from Beth Pervis in Bishop's Stortford, which is in our CCG area. Beth believes if she kept a diary of her symptoms, her GP would have taken her seriously and referred her for further testing sooner. Find out more and download the diary.

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    11 Jan 2021