Cancel Out Cancer

Cancel Out Cancer

Improving the understanding people have of cancer and encouraging everyone to take action to improve their health or help others to do the same is the big aim behind our Cancel Out Cancer campaign.

It has been developed with our patient members and supported by Cancer Research UK.

You can download this leaflet via this link, but we encourage people to take part in interactive Cancel Out Cancer sessions so that we can:

  • promote cancer prevention to reduce the risks - help people to be proactive with their health 
  • raise awareness of cancer screening. The earlier cancer is detected, the more effectively it can be treated
  • make people aware of the warning signs and symptoms of cancer.

Cancel Out Cancer is offered as a FREE talk for groups of people to help share the available knowledge to fight cancer - one of our volunteers can go along to your group or organisation to deliver a session which takes about an hour. Just get in touch using the details below.

Play your part and Cancel Out Cancer

Inspired to do more? You can actually learn how to deliver a Cancel Out Cancer session. No previous experience is required - the team provides you with a training session (which we recommend are for two-six people, so it is ideal for a small group of group / organisation representatives) and you're given the tools and materials to take the awareness sessions out into the community.

Don't leave it any longer to find out more about Cancel Out Cancer, or to volunteer to deliver sessions to your community - call 01707 685 397 or email

Do you use social media? We launched the campaign via facebook Live on World Cancer Day - Check it out. 


Happening elsewhere...

Bowel Cancer UK has launched a symptoms diary for people who are worried about their bowel habits - an idea from Beth Pervis in Bishop's Stortford, which is in our CCG area. Beth believes if she kept a diary of her symptoms, her GP would have taken her seriously and referred her for further testing sooner. Find out more and download the diary. 

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02 Sep 2019