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From 1 July 2022, Clinical Commissioning Groups will be cease to exist. Commissioning functions and information that has been previously held by East and North Hertfordshire CCG is transferring to the new NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (HWEICB) on 1 July 2022.

HWEICB will become the new data controller. Any questions about the use of data (including patient data) by the new ICB should be directed to 

There are no changes to how local residents access NHS frontline services in Hertfordshire and West Essex as part of these changes.


We are dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and experience of people living with cancer in east and north Hertfordshire. We want to ensure survival rates continue to rise and have therefore identified cancer as one of our priority areas of work.

What is Cancer?
Cancer is a disease of our cells, where they have become abnormal. These cancer cells keep dividing to make more and more abnormal cells. The following video from
Macmillan Cancer Support provides a good overview:

Getting help and support in living with cancer
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, we would recommend contacting one of the following charities for practical advice and support:

Macmillan Cancer Support logoMacmillan Cancer Support



Cancer Research UK logoCancer Research UK




There may also be local community support groups providing advice, guidance and support in Hertfordshire – please contact Herts Help for advice on what is available.
Phone: 0300 123 4044   Email:

Our key areas of work:
We are focussing on five key areas to improve the diagnosis, treatment and experience of people living with cancer in east and north Hertfordshire:
• Prevention
• Early diagnosis
• Excellent treatment – including the emotional well-being of the patient both during and after treatment
• Patient experience
• Living with and beyond cancer

To develop this area of work we have developed a steering group to look at improving cancer diagnosis and treatment in our area. Membership of the group includes GPs, clinicians, Macmillan and Cancer Research UK and patients with lived experience.

Here are just a few examples of some of our areas of work:
Urology – this covers diagnosis and treatment of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and male reproductive organs.
The East and North Hertfordshire Trust have introduced a ‘one-stop’ clinic at Lister Hospital. This is a multi-disciplinary team one place which means, initial consultations, diagnostic tests, investigations and follow-up consultations can all happen in one visit, reducing the need for multiple visits. This allows for a more efficient service for routine, urgent and cancer patients with quicker diagnosis and minimal waiting times.

Gastro – digestive system
The development of a new testing process in underway, whereby patients will have their endoscopies carried out prior to being seen by the consultant, this is to ensure that all the information is available to the consultant before the patient arrives for their appointment.

Gynae – female reproductive system
The gynaecological referral forms are being reviewed and updated by clinicians to ensure information is received by the Trust first time to avoid possible delays.

Cancel Cancer project
Working in partnership with Cancer Research UK and our own patient groups, this initiative aims to promote awareness and understanding of signs and symptoms of cancer, and what people can do to prevent the possibility of getting cancer. The project will look to provide interactive advice and information sessions run by volunteers and deliver them to community groups and organisations. We also hope to introduce a digital version of the sessions so that the information and guidance can be accessed by wider audiences at times flexible to them.

Check back here for more updates on the above areas.
If you would like to find out more about the work of the cancer steering group or have any questions on our work around cancer support please get in touch by emailing:

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