Care Homes

Care Homes

FAQ: Vitamin D Supply to Care Homes


Re-using Medicines in Care Homes and Hospices during the Covid-19 Pandemic   
   Stage 1: Retention and Quarantine of Just-In-Case Anticipatory Medicines Only and Obtaining Written Agreements from Residents
   Stage 2: Administration and Recording of Just-In-Case Anticipatory Medicines Only


Managing acute and urgent prescriptions in care homes
Managing interim prescriptions (non-urgent, mid-cycle requests) in care homes

Reducing Medicines Waste in Care Homes

Bulk Prescribing Full Guidance (Care Homes)

Bulk Prescribing Quick Guide (Care Homes)

SOP for delivering  bulk prescribing in care homes (GP Practice)

Wound Care

Covert Medication Care Home Guidelines

GPG Allergies
GPG CAS Alerts
GPG Crushing
GPG Methotrexate
GPG Medicine Reconciliation

Homely remedies guidance for care homes

Setting Up online Ordering of Medication                        
Proxy Access Request and Removal of Access Set Up Form
Care home and GP SOP Proxy Access Consent Form
Proxy Access Consent form
TPP SystmOne Userguide for Ordering Medication Online by Proxy Access
Questions and Answers for Care Homes

Self-Care Toolkit for Care Homes

Prescribing Over-The-Counter Medication in Social Care Settings Good Practice Guidance, please follow

Medicines and Falls Risk in Care Homes
Medicines on transfer into care home



For Emollient Guidelines, please follow this link



Care Home Managing Malnutrition Pathway
Care Homes and ONS - Position statement
End of life and nutrition
End of life and ONS - Position Statement
End of life and nutrition
Food First - Eating well for small appetites
Food First - Fortifying food for care homes
Food First - Homemade supplements
Food First - Quick guide
Food Intake Chart
MAR stickers -Fruit juice  qds
MAR stickers -Fruit juice bd
MAR stickers -High kcal dessert od
MAR stickers -Milkshake  qds
MAR stickers -Milkshake bd
MAR stickers -Ovaltine bd
MUST and Nutrition Support Pathway
Thickeners Prescribing Guidance



For Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in Care Homes, please follow this link

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12 Mar 2021