What is dementia?

Dementia affects the brain and is caused by a number of diseases. There are many different types of dementia, the most common being Alzheimer's, but you may have heard of vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy Bodies and Pick's Disease. 

Because there are so many different types of dementia, it can affect the brain in many different ways. This depends on the person's circumstances too, for example the person's environment in which they live. The progression of dementia is very unique to the person. 

This is a non-scientific explanation to understand how dementia affects the brain from the Alzheimer's Society. To learn more visit:

How to become a Dementia Friend?

Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition.

Whether you attend a face-to-face information session, watch the video, visit someone you know living with dementia, or telling friends about the programme, Dementia Friends is about learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help. 

Find out more on the Dementia Friends website.

Your community could become 'Dementia Friendly'!

People with dementia are understood, respected and supported in dementia-friendly communities. Our very own Welwyn, Hatfield and Bishop's Stortford towns have become Dementia Friendly communities. Find out more about the scheme or  take a look at how you can help your community become dementia friendly too

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30 Aug 2019