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From 30 June 2022, this website will not be updated

For the latest local health and care information, visit the new websites for Integrated Care Board or the Integrated Care System

From 1 July 2022, Clinical Commissioning Groups will be cease to exist. Commissioning functions and information that has been previously held by East and North Hertfordshire CCG is transferring to the new NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (HWEICB) on 1 July 2022.

HWEICB will become the new data controller. Any questions about the use of data (including patient data) by the new ICB should be directed to 

There are no changes to how local residents access NHS frontline services in Hertfordshire and West Essex as part of these changes.

Get involved

Help us provide the best health services and support for your community

Patient and public involvement (known as PPI) enables the NHS to improve health care, patient safety, patient experience and health outcomes – giving people the power to live healthier lives.

Our involvement principles

As part of our public engagement and involvement strategy we follow a set of principles to meet the NHS Constitutional commitment to put patients at the centre of decision making. These principles are from the People and Communities Board of National Voices – a charity coalition that advocates for people being in control of their health and care. These principles are:

1. Care and support is person-centred, personalised, coordinated and empowering
2. Services are created in partnership with citizens and communities
3. Focus is on equality and narrowing inequality
4. Carers are identified, supported and involved
5. Voluntary community and social enterprise, and housing sectors are involved as key partners and enablers
6. Volunteering and social action are key enablers.

Full details of the principles and how they were developed can be found on the National Voices website

Have your say and be part of the future!

We want to hear about your experiences of local healthcare services. What works well? What doesn't? What ideas do you have? Visit our Contact us page to give us your feedback. 

What's more, we have plenty of opportunities for the public to take part in projects which seek to use the patient experience and inform what services could look like in the future. Perhaps you're a member of a patient support group, have a long term condition, have just completed a care pathway, or just want to get more involved in planning the NHS for the future. Whatever way you feel you can contribute to patient and public involvement, just drop us an email: or call 01707 685 140 and we can take it from there. You can also keep track all of the opportunities for public involvement on local health services, sign up to our fortnightly 'Herts Health Matters' newsletter, and follow our social media channels

There's also more information here about our exisiting engagement forums, which include a network of volunteers who represent GP practice patients.