Guidance and training

Guidance and training

GOLD slides

Dr Martyn Davies, GP at Dolphin House Surgery and respiratory lead for the Upper Lea Valley locality gave a presentation on the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD), at the recent practice nurses conference. His presentation slides can be viewed here.

PCRS guidelines

The Primary Care Respiratory Society – an organisation which promotes best practice in managing breathing conditions has produced clinical guidance and supporting resources to help GPs and nurses in primary care to look after patients with respiratory illnesses. You can access this guidance here and also join the society if you wish to become a member.

MyCOPD exacerbation/self-management plan

Have your patients with COPD got an exacerbation plan? Are they using it?  You can download a copy of our COPD self-management tool for patients here.

Spirometer training – how to access it 

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10 May 2018