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From 30 June 2022, this website will not be updated

For the latest local health and care information, visit the new websites for Integrated Care Board or the Integrated Care System

From 1 July 2022, Clinical Commissioning Groups will be cease to exist. Commissioning functions and information that has been previously held by East and North Hertfordshire CCG is transferring to the new NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (HWEICB) on 1 July 2022.

HWEICB will become the new data controller. Any questions about the use of data (including patient data) by the new ICB should be directed to 

There are no changes to how local residents access NHS frontline services in Hertfordshire and West Essex as part of these changes.

Need information, advice or support? Give HertsHelp a call today

An innovative new support service has been launched in Hertfordshire to point people in the right direction to find solutions to everyday issues quickly and locally.

HertsHelp is a free and confidential information service, providing a single route into the wide range of support offered by organisations across the county. The aim is to get callers to the help they need as quickly and simply as possible.

If you need information to help you get out and about, live independently, understand your rights and entitlements or to volunteer in your local community and don't know who to ask – HertsHelp can help.    

 Or if you are having problems with hospital treatment, housing, or a relative’s care home, HertsHelp can provide you with useful support and advice.  More than 120 charities are already signed up to the HertsHelp network and there is a database of more than 14,000 community organisations providing a vast range of services.  So if HertsHelp don't know the answer right away, they will know someone who does.

Some of the enquiries received since HertsHelp was launched in August include:

  • What support can I get for my 90-year-old-aunt?
  • Can my house be adapted to help my disabled daughter?
  • What help is available for my friend who has mental health issues and is struggling to cope with finances?
  • I have an alcoholic partner – is there are any support available to me?
  • Can I get some help to access a library account?
  • Hertfordshire County Council has appointed Hertfordshire-based national charity POhWER to co-ordinate the network. The experienced advisers can provide information on a variety of subjects, in different formats if required.

To get in touch, call 0300 123 4044 or email:

HertsHelp is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and until 7pm on Thursdays.  For more information please visit:

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23 Jan 2018