Hertfordshire smokers urged to ‘swap fags for swag’ on 30th national No Smoking Day

Hertfordshire smokers urged to ‘swap fags for swag’ on 30th national No Smoking Day

With just two weeks to go until national No Smoking day (13 March), thousands of smokers in Hertfordshire are being encouraged to ‘swap fags for swag’ and discover for themselves the many benefits of quitting.

Eight thousand people are helped to quit by the Stop Smoking Service every year in Hertfordshire, and many of them get started on No Smoking Day. 

Being smoke-free brings many advantages. The biggest benefit is for your health, but have you thought about how much you could save if you gave up for good? An average smoker can save £7 a day, making a saving of £2,555 over a year.

Nearly one in six UK adults smoke, including about 170,000 in Hertfordshire, but about two thirds want to quit, according to UK figures (1).

Adam Crowe, Business Manager at Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service, said: “No Smoking Day provides the perfect opportunity for people to join hundreds of others in Hertfordshire attempting to quit on the same day. This is why Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service is spreading the word about the support available. 

“A trained stop smoking advisor is able to offer a personalised plan to become smokefree. There are over 300 service providers across the county – there will be one near you.”
To contact Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service, call 0800 389 3 998 to get advice or book one to one appointments with trained stop smoking advisors who offer effective behavioural advice and tips to manage cravings. There are many medications that can help you and the advisors can help find the right medication, which is available for the cost of a prescription - much cheaper than buying over the counter. If you don’t pay for a prescription - medication is free.

Alternatively, you can e-mail Hertfordshire.stopsmokingservice@nhs.net


For more information contact the press office on 01707 369705

Notes to editors

(1) Statistics from ASH fact sheet. Facts at a glance - smoking statistics. July 2011.

No Smoking Day 2013 will officially launch on Wednesday 27 February giving smokers two weeks to get ready to quit on No Smoking Day itself, Wednesday 13 March 2013.

The annual health campaign, run by the British Heart Foundation, is now in its 30th year and helped more than 760,000 people quit smoking last year and inspired another 1.5 million to seek out information to help them quit in future.

The campaign this year is focusing on the financial benefits of ‘swapping the fag for swag’. Smokers are being encouraged to focus on what they could afford to buy if they were to quit for a day (saving £7), a week (£49), a month (£210) and a year (£2,555).

For more information on the benefits of quitting as well as top quit tips, visit www.wequit.co.uk

No Smoking Day merged with the British Heart Foundation in 2011. The annual No Smoking Day campaign inspires and helps smokers who want to quit, and is supported by an alliance of UK health bodies and charities. For more information about the No Smoking Day campaign visit www.nosmokingday.org.uk or for more on the BHF visit www.bhf.org.uk

Smokers can visit  www.wequit.co.uk, an online hub full of information and tips on how to quit. It also includes a forum where people can chat with more than 15,000 other quitters about the issues they face.