Premature death data published

Premature death data published

The latest premature deaths data from Public Health England around diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease, shows that premature death rates for Hertfordshire are better than the average across England (fewer people in Hertfordshire die before the age of 75). The area covered by NHS East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has a similar premature death rate to Hertfordshire overall.

Dr Tony Kostick, Chair of East and North Hertfordshire CCG said: “A big part of the CCG’s role is to improve health outcomes for local people, reduce health inequalities and prevent premature deaths.

“This data shows that our local area compares well with other areas nationally; however there are pockets of relative deprivation across east and north Hertfordshire, such as parts of Stevenage and Broxbourne. Generally, more deprived areas have worse premature mortality. We need to do more to help people live long and healthy lives, no matter where they live.

”We know that smoking is a major cause of the illnesses that can lead to a premature death.  The CCG commissions a good range of stop smoking services, available via GPs or local pharmacists, which help around 4,000 people across east and north Hertfordshire to quit each year.

“One of our top priorities is to ensure patients with cancer are diagnosed early so that treatment can start as soon as possible. We are also working to support patients with long term conditions, such as lung disease and diabetes, so they are able to take control of their condition with personal health plans and help from their GP.”
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