Maternity care matters

Maternity care matters

Are you a new parent or expecting a baby? Would you like to be involved in shaping your local maternity services? We need mums and dads to join our new Maternity Care Matters group.

What is the Maternity Care Matters group?

Every hospital providing maternity care has its own group of people who meet regularly to discuss ways to improve their local maternity services. The group is usually made up of mums, dads, midwives, doctors, health visitors and children’s centre managers.

What does the group do?

  • Helps to change and make suggestions to improve maternity services
  • Talks with families who are using, or who have recently used the services so that comments from all parts of the community can be considered
  • Raises awareness and advises on the information available for families about childbirth and family issues
  • Feeding support, whether breast or formula
  • Helps shape midwifery training

What group members need to do

  • Attend around six meetings a year
  • Share your views and experience of your local maternity services
  • Talk to and represent others in the community who use maternity services
  • Be enthusiastic about developing and improving maternity services and bring ideas to the group
  • Report back on particular topics such as choices in antenatal care, special needs for newborn babies, parent education or parents’ experience

Support given

  • Members will receive training and support to enable them to contribute confidently on behalf of families using the service.
  • A sandwich lunch is provided at meetings
  • Travel costs are reimbursed
  • Babies are welcome

This information can also be downloaded as a leaflet.

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