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Flu season strikes – don’t leave yourself unprotected

After a slow start, winter illnesses are beginning to take hold, with confirmed cases of flu now being reported across the country.

Beat the winter blues this Blue Monday

The news tells us that today (Monday 21 January) is blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. Although feelings aren’t dictated by the date, January can be a hard month and cold weather, Christmas bills and shorter days can have an impact on your mental health.

New scheme aims to free-up GP appointments

GP surgeries in east and north Hertfordshire are launching a new initiative to get patients the right health help more quickly when they call for an appointment.

Routinely prescribed items in primary care

In partnership with NHS England, NHS Clinical Commissioners have launched a consultation on new and updated commissioning guidance for routinely prescribed items in primary care.

NHS Love Actually....

Our very own “Mark” has a message for you this festive season… and we are all Kiera Knightly! We have released our own homage to ‘Love Actually’. Please take a look and share it widely with friends and family.