Newsletter and social media

Newsletter and social media

Hertfordshire Health Matters

If you want a one-stop shop which updates readers on aspects of local, regional and national health matters and events, then the Hertfordshire Health Matters e-newsletter is for you.

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Use our social media channels to stay up to date

Digital media and social networks help you stay up to date, engage with others in your community, and you can learn more about events. You can:

There are also regular interactive sessions held on these platforms throughout the year - if you'd like to suggest a topic for us to cover, or have any other suggestions regarding our social media platforms then get in touch.

We've also launched a Health Involvement Network group on facebook; a great place for patient members in east and north Hertfordshire to discuss and debate patient and public engagement, and share views and best practice in public involvement at their GP practices.

Head on over to our social media pages now and get sharing!

We look forward to seeing you there soon!

Last modified: 

30 Dec 2019