NHS Directory of Services (DoS)

NHS Directory of Services (DoS)

The Directory of Services (DoS) is a central NHS directory that is integrated with NHS Pathways - a triage system used by NHS Urgent Care services like NHS 111 and 999 to provide real-time information about local services in our communities available to patients.

In addition to supporting urgent care services, the DoS can also be accessed by GPs and other healthcare professionals to search for alternative services to A&E or hospital admission, such as Urgent Treatment Centres (UTC), pharmacy and community services. 

The image below provides an example of how the DoS is integrated with NHS 111:

To help ensure patients receive care from services that will best meet their needs, it’s really important for our providers  to keep information about their services on the DoS up-to-date.

The Directory of service (DoS) team with Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care System regularly liaise with commissioners - like us - and service providers to keep service information accurate on the DoS. The team also works very closely with our local Integrated Urgent Care provider Herts Urgent Care (HUC), to raise confidence in services displayed on the DoS and to ensure use of services is optimised. 

The DoS team needs to be notified of all changes to services, including:

  • changes to service demographics
  • changes in the clinical capability of a service
  • GP practice mergers/closures or GP clinical system upgrades
  • GP training or protected learning dates
  • capacity issues
  • bank holiday opening times.

For any questions regarding the DoS across Hertfordshire and west Essex, please email herts.dos@nhs.net.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I am a service provider - how do I update my services on the DoS?

A. Please contact the DoS team on herts.dos@nhs.net in the first instance. Alternatively, you can contact your CCG Contract Manager.

Q. Can a member of the public access the DoS?

A. The DoS is not available to the public as it contains information such as private telephone numbers for use by healthcare professionals only.  You can instead access information through the ‘Find services near you’ feature on NHS.UK 

Q. I’m a GP / healthcare professional - how do I access DoS?

A. Please contact your CCG DoS team on herts.dos@nhs.net to request access.    

Last modified: 

20 Sep 2021