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Social media sites act on NHS call for greater online protection

The chief executive of the NHS in England has called on all social media firm to crack down on potentially harmful material after two of the biggest sites confirm they plan to act on health service...
1 day 14 hours ago

Response to Scottish Government decision to fund Orkambi and next steps in England

Last month the independent Scottish Medicines Consortium assessed that Vertex’s ‘justification of the treatment’s [Orkambi and Symkevi] costs in relation to its health benefits was not sufficient’:...
1 week 1 day ago

NHS ramps up support for survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM)

Hundreds of survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) will be able to access expert care, support and treatment earlier thanks to a new network of NHS ‘one stop shop’ clinics being launched today...
1 week 1 day ago

Life-changing treatment on the NHS for children with rare, deadly disease

Children in England with a rare condition which leads to early death are set to receive treatment on the NHS, after the health service struck a deal with manufacturers. Young people with Batten...
1 week 2 days ago

NHS violence reduction lead calls for crackdown on knife sales

A leading trauma surgeon has led the call for more to be done to restrict the sale of harmful ‘zombie knives’ to help prevent violent crime. Zombie knives have cutting blades of up to 25 inches, a...
2 weeks 21 hours ago