Patient groups and involvement

Patient groups and involvement

Getting involved with clinical commissioning group (CCG) work and the wider health sector can be completely suited to you. We know some people can to devote a lot of time to making community contributions, and others find it harder to fit in commitments around their lifestyles, so however you think you can help make a difference, we can help you make the connections with like-minded people and support you in your contribution. 

We have spent the past few years developing a network of public involvement volunteers, built on the strong foundations of engagement and involvement with patient participation groups in our GP practices across east and north Hertfordshire. The following structure of patient groups has sprung from that; to find out more about any of these groups, just click on the links below.

To understand how these different groups contribute to our decision making process and day-to-day work, you can view our governance and involvement structure.

Volunteer with us

We also offer a range of other volunteer opportunities. These vary from walking the wards with our Patient Experience team, to joining a procurement panel to help us select the best possible service provider to deliver health care to our population.

To find out more or get involved, just get in touch with our Public Engagement team by calling: 01707 685 397 or email

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12 Jan 2021