Patient participation groups

Patient participation groups

Known as PPGs, these are established and active groups in many of our GP practices across east and north Hertfordshire.

Group members work in close partnership with the practice and their staff, and contribute in a number of ways to improve the patient experience and environment. For example, groups are:

  • working with GP commissioners on promoting awareness / self-management of long term conditions e.g. diabetes
  • involved in a major drive to identify and support carers, working with practice staff and voluntary sector partners
  • helping to sign up as Parkrun practices, which can promote the benefits of being active
  • working with staff and students to help patients use digital technology when they're at their GP practice
  • campaigning to procure life-saving equipment for premises out of hours, such as automated defibrillators.

The groups do not handle patient complaints, but represent patient views on the management of healthcare in their area and work to improve the experience and environment of patients at their GP practice.

Some groups meet on a regular basis, while others are 'virtual' and ask patients to contribute their ideas and opinions by email or online survey. The way you contribute is really up to you; the important thing is that your voice is heard.

To get involved with the PPG at your practice, contact your practice directly or find the GP practice website from our locality pages. Otherwise, email us and we will put you in touch with your GP practice.

We encourage our patient participation groups to reflect the patient population they represent. This includes having people from a range of ages involved - NHS England and the NHS Youth Forum have put together a guide to involving young people in patient participation groups. Take a look. 

To find out more about PPGs nationally visit: The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP)

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30 Aug 2019