Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

    Thirteen ‘Primary Care Networks’ (PCNs) have been established across east and north Hertfordshire in a move designed to improve local or ‘primary care’ NHS services.

    By encouraging GP practices to work more closely together in groups, together with other health and care staff in their local area, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) aim to provide more proactive, personalised, coordinated and joined-up health and social care.

    Broxbourne Alliance (Combined practice population: 35,909)

    Hatfield (52,151)

    Hertford and Rurals (51,650)

    Hitchin and Whitwell (47,624)

    Hoddesdon and Broxbourne (42,284)

    Icknield (57,283)

    Lee Valley Health (41,272)

    Stevenage North (61,605) 

    Stevenage South (49,686)

    Stort Valley and Villages (63,346)

    Ware and Rurals (33,706)

    Welwyn Garden City (36,236)

    Practice populations correct as at 30 April 2020.

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    16 Apr 2021