Public Involvement Panel

Public Involvement Panel

Our public involvement panel provides advice, best practice and assurance on our public involvement and engagement activities.

The panel are sent quarterly reports and updates on both the CCG's engagement and involvement activities, but also those of our providers and partners, including the Sustainable Transformation Partnership (STP). Members are then given the opportunity to feedback and comment on the activities and proposals, but also share their ideas and actions around engagement and involvement in the community.

Each quarter the report has a particular area of focus to be considered, and papers will be published below using the links given:

  • April 2019: NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCG annual report on the public engagement strategy and activities.
  • July 2019: Report and response to NHS England's IAF assessment of our engagement function.
  • October 2019: Report on engagement activities from service providers across east and north Hertfordshire, and reports on ensuring representation from 'seldom heard' or protected characteristic groups within our involvement work.
  • January 2020: NHS East and North Hertfordshire CCG annual 'You Said, We Did' report.

Membership of the panel is made up of Governing Body lay-members, Hertfordshire Healthwatch, patient volunteer members, engagement representatives at provider organisations, and members from community and voluntary organisations.

If you'd like to join the virtual panel please get in touch with the public engagement team by calling: 01707 685 397 or emailing:

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30 Aug 2019