Stings and bites

Stings and bites


Within the UK, common insects that may sting or bite include wasps, bees, mites, ants, fleas and mosquitoes. The skin may turn pink, red or mottled and there could be a painful blister. 

Most cases of bites or stings can be treated at home or will get better without any treatment. However, extra relief can be provided by cleaning the area and then applying local anaesthetic or antihistamine cream. You can also get antihistamine medicine over the counter. If stung by a wasp or bee then remove the sting as quickly as possible using tweezers before applying the cream.

An allergy to wasp and bee stings can cause a severe reaction or even anaphylactic shock. The symptoms can vary including breathing difficulties, wheezing, swelling around the eyes, lips, hands and feet together with sore itchy eyes. If these symptoms occur call 999 immediately.

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10 Sep 2018