You Said, We Did

You Said, We Did

In this section, we report back on comments, queries and questions you have raised with us, and what we've done as a result. Please take a look through the links in the menu for further details and reports.

Our annual public engagement report:

Check out what we were up to in 2018. From campaigns to consultations, the 70th year of the NHS was a busy one! 

Our latest response reports:

Please click on the reports below where you will find the latest information on how we  respond to your involvement and engagement in our work. You can view past analyses using the menu on the left, or a highlight of recent actions in the table below.

You Said, We Did Reports from 2019:

Please view the table below for information on how we have acted on public engagement and involvement throughout the CCG.

Date Project You Said... ...We Did Links
Mar 19 Big Plan for Learning Disabilities The CCG worked with Herts County Council and Herts Valleys CCG over the course of three years to engage with people living with learning disabilities, their carers and other interested stakeholders.

The consultation revealed that residents wanted greater information and guidance on a range of issues, from how to stay healthy, make new friends, secure a job or choose where to live. They also wanted help with finding the right levels of personal support and how to play a more active role in their local communities. 

The strategy and associated action plan aims to achieve these ambitions.

Click here to download the plan and see associated presentations.
Mar 19 NAPP Building Better Participation Following an extensive engagement across the region the National Assocaition for Patient Participation came up with a report on engagement practices and a series of recommendations for CCGs to consider, We have responded to the 14 recommendations, and highlighted the actions that we currently take, but also what we are doing. For example, we are developing our links with practice managers to formalise our opportunities to promote and support engagement. We are promoting and sharing best practice amongst PPG groups particularly around youth involvement and social media use. And finally, we have adopted a new set of principles as part of our engagement strategy, which has a renewed focus on co-production values. Please click here to view the full report and response to recommendations.
Jan '19 Young Carers Takeover Challenge

We invited members of local charity, Carers in Herts, young carers council to come and work within the CCG for a day as part of a Takeover Challenge Day.

Over the course of the event the young carers expressed their frustration at the lack of understanding of what a young carer is from both health and education professionals.

They also asked for easier identification of their role as a young carer when coming into contact with health services and improved support in those circumstances.

We have amended our core contract with all of our service providers to insert a requirement to ensure there is staff understanding of young carers their role, and support better identification of young carers.

We are working with both Carers in Herts, the County Council and the young carers themselves on a campaign to improve education and awareness of what a young carer is.

These areas will be a continued focus of the work of our young carers executive which is mentioned below.

Click here to find out more about how the young carers takeover challenge.
Dec '18 Public involvement with the CCG

Continuing from the assessments conducted as part of NHS England’s IAF framework, we conducted a number of workshops and surveyed patient members on their perspective as to how they engage with the CCG and what could be improved.

On the whole patient member volunteers were pleased with the level of contact and content of engagement with our organisation. However a number of respondents felt that communications to the group could be improved and clearer to understand.

We have developed a targeted action plan as a result of the analysis of feedback from patient members to our survey.

This includes 11 resulting actions, with a particular focus on improved administration, communication and focus for the patient groups going forwards.

A number of the recommendations, we are already trying to meet,  but will continue to report on these activities as we progress.

You can download the survey responses and analysis here.

And you can download the corresponding action plan by clicking here.

Oct '18 Introduction of extended access to primary care in east and north Hertfordshire.

Over 17,000 people across east and north Hertfordshire contributed their views to our survey on their preferences for the delivery of the extended access service in primary care.

While respondents were proportionally slightly older and more female than our population, protected characteristics were broadly in line with our population. A detailed analysis of each of the responses and demographics is supplied on the You Said, We Did web page highlighted above.

As a result of responses to the survey extended access services were tailored to some of the preferences respondents showed.

For example respondents showed an interest in having appointments from a wider skills mix across primary care. As a result, the service in Lower Lea Valley offers a regular physiotherapy session as part of its extended access service.

The location of service hubs was also given close consideration in relation to respondents willingness to travel for an ‘extended access’ appointment.

Please click here to view further details of the engagement exercise on extended access.
Sep '18 Procurement of the Cheshunt Minor Injuries Unit Two patient members were recruited to join the project group for the Cheshunt MIU and advocated for clearer communications and availability around the x-ray service at the hospital. Provision of X-ray was prioritised and a temporary service was installed with information sent out to the community. Patient members continue to sit on the project delivery board and are supporting the new provider to develop links with the community. Please click here to visit the Cheshunt Minor Injuries Unit website.
Jun '18 Design of our phlebotomy service To support the design of our phlebotomy service, views were gathered from both the extended access surveys and a specific questionnaire undertaken by patients at blood testing clinics.

Accessibility and increasing the availability and flexibility of locations for blood testing came across as a key priority to respondents. As a result we ensured that this was reflected in the service specification.

A patient member continues to sit on the procurement panel to feed in his expertise and advice.

Please click here to view further details of the engagement exercise on phlebotomy.


We also use our TV screens in GP practice waiting rooms to share examples of what we have done following patient feedback. Slides look like this example:

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